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Kraków Showcase: 25-26 May 2024
Hemp in Every City tour: a two-day event about the future of hemp, wellness, and business. Join this exclusive event for Kannaway Brand Ambassadors and guests in Kraków on 25-26 May 2024 as we kick off a new great year for hemp and wellness and together work to put Hemp in Every Home.

25-26 May, 2024

Ticket price: only 150 złotych, including dinner Saturday night

Saturday 25 May from 16:00-19:00
Sunday 26 May from 10:00-14:00

Centrum Doradztwa Rolniczego, Kraków 31-063, ul. Meiselsa 1

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Stuart Titus: Founder and Canna-Expert
Janne Heimonen: Director of Kannaway Sp z.o.o
Ryszard Piotrowski: Brand Ambassador
Alina Kús: Brand Ambassador

REGISTER: Call Ryszard Piotrowski at 509 644 929 or email

Additional questions, please contact: Alina Kus at 502 714 792 or Grażyna Lopatka at 666 073 846

Tokyo: 21 April Hemp For Humanity Event
All Brand Ambassadors are invited to attend the Hemp For Humanity Event April 21st in Tokyo! Join us for a deeper look at the latest Cannabis Science and Education alongside renowned experts like Dr. Stuart Titus, Dr. Kenkichi Hirose, Chris Nazarenes, Dr. Tim Scott Ph.D., Peter Dale, and many more.

Buy your tickets now to secure your spot at this insightful event and learn from renowned researchers, industry leaders, and top advocates. Don't miss this unique opportunity, brought to you by Kannaway and MM411.

Log into your account and head to the SPECIALS category in the Shop to purchase your tickets today.

Sunday, April 21
Doors open at 12:00
Tokyo Prince Hotel
Entry Fee: ¥3520

London Showcase: 21 April 2024
Hemp in every city tour: London calling! Explore the potential of hemp and the future of CBD at our UK event on Sunday, 21 April! We'll delve into hemp's environmental benefits and the latest advancements in CBD products with industry pioneer Dr. Stuart Titus. The event, free for Guests, offers product samples and expert Q&A. Don't miss this chance to learn about the "Green Rush" surrounding hemp and CBD!

Mark your calendars and let's unleash the power of hemp!

21 April, 2024
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Mandolay Hotel
36/40 London Road
Guildford, Surrey

£10 GBP buy ticket online in Kannaway Store
£15 on the door
BA pricing
Guests may attend for free

For Brand Ambassador tickets and complimentary Guest Passes, login into your account and head to the SPECIALS category in the shop.


"Leaders are born at these events. That was definitely the case with us. At our first Kannaway event we made a decision that took us to where we are today."

- Valerie Aloisio